Captain’s Newsletter 210719

Captains Day 2021

A massive thank you to all the members that participated in the Captains Day competitions over the weekend. Around 100 members competed on Saturday and another 48 on Sunday.

Despite the unusually hot weather and the very long rough everyone appeared to be in good spirits and enjoying (?) the day. I thought the course looked superb over the weekend and I must praise Neil and Dave for their efforts, particularly under their current staffing difficulties.

It would be remiss of me not to thank Julie, Julie and Maxine for looking after you all at the halfway house and Cameron Thomson for the loan of his motorhome. I would also like to thank Tony Risso-Gill for supplying the pork pies which were delicious and very much appreciated by all. I feel as though I had the best of the deal at the halfway house, greeting you all and sharing the odd beer!

Thank you all for your contributions to the Charity jar which raised just over £400, a fantastic effort by all. This year’s chosen charity is the Oncology Unit at Castle Hill Hospital, something I know which resonates with a lot of members. All players have been entered into a prize draw and I will circulate a full list of winners as soon as possible, along with the results of the golf competitions.

Thank you all once again for making Captains weekend a success!

Stay safe.