Captain’s Newsletter 22nd June

Well, we’re back playing golf again, with the social distancing restrictions aiming to make the game safe for all of us.

Another new development on the way, under the guidance of Rich Pace and Shaun Leach, is the further use of the V1 system for tee booking, competition entries and payments.
A few of us who took part in the live testing of the new improved App found it a simple piece of technology which will be a positive benefit to members. Further tests are being carried out to make sure it’s working properly before being rolled out to the full membership.

Over the next few months I’m planning to hold my much-delayed Captain’s Drive-in and there will be a return in some format of the traditional Captain’s competition events for members to enjoy. Let’s all try and make the best of a return to golf during these difficult times.

I can reassure you all that behind the scenes continuous efforts are being made to allow club business and membership interests to flow as smoothly as practicable.
All those decisions associated with furloughing of our staff have been made with an eye on timing, staff opinions and maintaining core business and standards.

We have taken advantage of several Government aid opportunities, including furlough, to protect our club’s financial position in extraordinary times for the club.
The option of doing nothing to protect our financial position in these unique times was not on my agenda, nor of the other Board members or our Golf Professional.

We have acted positively within very slim margins in achieving the delicate balance of bridging the gap of club income streams, whilst allowing us all to return to playing golf.
Further updates from the Board will continue, as will my newsletter circulations.

I regard such information and transparency to our membership as vital – as I promised when I took on the Captaincy early this year.

Finally, on my return to playing golf this week, I completed the raffle draw for the use of the Captain’s car parking bay.

It was the luck of the Irish for Matt McCaffrey whose name came out of the hat!
Congratulations to Matt, who will have the use of that parking space, during my Captaincy.
Thank you to all those who entered the raffle as all proceeds go to our “50/50 for 2020 captain”s charity” which benefit a specific section of the NHS at Castle Hill Hospital and our club membership.