COVID-19 Return to Golf!

Monday 29th March
Course open!
Members-only for the first week
Shop to be closed to people browsing, but click and collect items available from the shop doorway such as drinks, food, balls, cards etc
Click and collect available until approx 2 pm depending on how busy the tee sheet is
1-1 Coaching to begin, but outside only
Saturday 3rd April
Junior Coaching to commence - Organised coaching can now have groups of up to 30
Monday 12th April
Shop to be re-open with social distancing measures still in place
Shop hours to be 'summer' hours, 8 am - 6 pm during the week and 7 am - 6 pm on a weekend
Coaching indoors and Studio usage allowed
Catering will be available from 7am for all wishing to use it.
Bacon, Sausage and Egg sandwiches along with Tea & Coffee (£3.50 for both) will all be available via a Takeaway service.
The Takeaway service will be available via the patio door entrance.
Members bar cards can be used for payment.
If you have an early tee-off time or would like to book in advance to save time, please email us at with your requirements.
We will be open all day for other refreshments and for food to Takeaway.

The Course

As well as being one of the oldest courses in the North of England, Beverley is frequently praised for the condition of the links-style fairways and fast-running greens.

More pictures of the course can be found on the Gallery page and visitor pricing information is available on the Green Fees page.

Due to the uniqueness of the Golf Course, a look at the Local Rules is advisable before you tee off.

Course Rating & Slope Rating Table - Find out your course handicap

Course Map and Scorecard

1The Gallop340411
2The Hummocks46343
3Mill Vale568513
5Pit Corner32649
6Quarry Hole181317
7Fusseys Folley41041
8Newbald Road179315
9Cobblers Well39245
13Pond Hole34048
15Majuba Hill481512
16The Whins21536
17Gate House36944
18Anti Mill141318

1The Gallop333411
2The Hummocks43543
3Mill Vale558513
5Pit Corner31949
6Quarry Hole178317
7Fusseys Folley40241
8Newbald Road171315
9Cobblers Well36245
13Pond Hole30148
15Majuba Hill477512
16The Whins18636
17Gate House32444
18Anti Mill136318

1The Gallop33648
2The Hummocks430514
3Mill Vale456510
5Pit Corner29046
6Quarry Hole175312
7Fusseys Folley37744
8Newbald Road166316
9Cobblers Well34842
13Pond Hole30045
15Majuba Hill47251
16The Whins144317
17Gate House268413
18Anti Mill132315

Hole-By-Hole Flyover

Hole 1 - The Gallop

Hole 2 - The Hummocks

Hole 3 - Mill Vale

Hole 4 - Jubilee

Hole 5 - Pit Corner

Hole 6 - Quarry Hole

Hole 7 - Fusseys Folley

Hole 8 - Newbald Road

Hole 9 - Cobblers Well

Hole 10 - Valley

Hole 11 - Lairgarth

Hole 12 - Hillside

Hole 13 - Pond Hole

Hole 14 - Plantation

Hole 15 - Majuba Hill

Hole 16 - The Whins

Hole 17 - Gate House

Hole 18 - Anti Mill