Captain’s Drive In

I would invite you all to join me on Sunday morning for the first Gents Captains Drive-in to be held at the club for two years. I decided to delay my drive in until lockdown restrictions were eased slightly to be able to make it a little bit more of a social occasion. In keeping with that thought, I have decided to make it a Texas Scramble team event, again something that we haven’t been able to do for some considerable time. As well as a test of golf, I am sure it will be a test of arithmetic under the new WHS rules so good luck all round!

I won’t be having the ceremonial drive in that has sometimes happened previously but there may be the odd surprise out on the course. There will be a bacon sandwich included in the £5 entry fee and if anyone can catch me at the bar, I might even buy you a drink! Hopefully, we will get some decent weather and have an enjoyable morning.

As ever, many thanks for your support and I hope to see you all soon.