Final Newsletter

As my Captain’s tenure ends this month I think it’s right I say a few words in this final newsletter.

Firstly, “Thank you” to all the members I have met, had communication and worked with, and all those I have enjoyed playing golf with as Captain. I have appreciated the friendship and positive links given to me by so many in our Club during 2020.

Our Club AGM format this year will be via email circulation via the Secretary/Manager, Andrew Webster. I have submitted the traditional Captain’s annual report in readiness of the AGM. That report, both comprehensive and personal in detail, is for the membership to read and digest in their own time, so I don’t intend to repeat such content in this brief newsletter.

Disregarding 2020 seeing my original busy golfing schedule severely disrupted, I feel fortunate to have hosted many key Club events, met many people, in and beyond our Club, during my captaincy. I have thoroughly enjoyed my terms as Vice-Captain and Captain in the past two years, however, I admit the challenging and intense Club activity required behind the scenes during 2020 has dominated my Captain’s diary.

I have no hesitation in expressing my appreciation to you the members, Club staff, our PGA Professional, and never forgetting the numerous volunteers our Club retains at all levels, and does so with pride, enabling the business to operate within its annual funding platform.

My best wishes to the new Captain and Vice-Captain roles, both in Men’s and Women golf arenas. I do hope Shaun Leach and Pat Howdle enjoy their respective new roles in 2021, with the same wishes to Jan‘ Dickens and Barbara Hawley, the Women’s Captain and Vice-Captain respectively. Good luck.

Finally, whilst still remembering our personal and collective need to do the right thing in “staying safe”, let’s look forward to our return to enjoying golf and friendship on the Westwood as soon as permitted.

Best wishes