Paul Gibson

Paul is a qualified PGA Professional.

“I am delighted to be the Head PGA Professional at Beverley and East Riding Golf Club.

It has long been a dream of mine to become the figurehead of a golf club and I thank Beverley for giving me this opportunity.

I look forward to meeting all the members and helping them to improve their game and enjoy their membership experience at Beverley.”


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Golf Lessons

Single Lessons

50 Minute Lesson2 Hour Playing Session

30 Minutes1 Hour
Simulator Play/Practice£20£30

Improvement Programmes

Bronze Programme

1 x 50 minute lesson per month

1 hour studio use per month
Video analysis
Detailed feedback

£40 per month

Silver Programme

2 x 50 minute lesson per month

2 hour studio use per month
Video analysis
Detailed feedback

£75 per month

Gold Programme

2 x 50 minute lesson per month
1 hour on-course lesson per month
2 hour studio use per month
Video analysis
Detailed feedback

£100 per month

Junior Golf Lessons

Paul is committed to increasing the number of golfers taking up the great game of golf and he works closely with the Golf Foundation to deliver the very successful Junior Golf Passport.

‘The passport is a fantastic tool for a coach to use to help develop a child’s interest in golf.  It leaves no stone unturned when developing a juniors path from novice golfer, to junior club member to full member of the golf club Along with looking at the technical points of the swing, it teaches life skills such as numeracy, respect, cooperation and honesty.  Combine this with the excellent movement skills to improve power, stability and flexibility, it really is the complete package for coaching youngsters’

Paul takes the Junior Fun Golf every Saturday afternoon starting at 1 pm. 

Everyone is welcome, and you do not need to have your own equipment as Paul can provide it all.
The cost is just £5, but please telephone on the day to confirm the lesson will be going ahead. 01482 868757


I have been playing golf off and on for over 50 years and had never won anything at all in all those years.

Last year I had a few lessons with Paul who identified key areas for me to work on with the result that I won not one but three trophies within the space of a few months and got my handicap down from 28 to 25.

Paul is a great teacher and I can thoroughly recommend his lessons.

Phil Hargreaves

Hornsea Golf Club

I’ve had a few 1-to-1 and group lessons with Paul over the last 2 years, and I can genuinely say he’s one of the best instructors I’ve had – given my promiscuity with golf coaches, that’s quite a competitive field!

Firstly, he’s a very personable and laid-back guy who keeps the emphasis on enjoyment: playing golf, being coached, improving your game, should be fun; otherwise why bother. Paul knows you get a lot more out of a lesson if you’re relaxed. 

Second, he keeps it simple. He finds out what your improvement objectives are, then hones down his instruction to a very small number of changes you can make to move towards your goal.  

He doesn’t shower you with jargon and the technical/mechanical aspects of the golf swing. For me, as someone who tends to over-think their game and amass a collection of ‘silver bullet’ swing thoughts on a round, that really works.

Third, he’s very good value for money. I’d recommend Paul’s 1-to-1s if you need his prolonged, undivided attention, but the group lessons at a fiver per person for 90 minutes is a fantastic proposition – especially when you factor in the individual attention, including video playback, he gives to each person in the sessions. 

Finally, he gets results. An example: I came to my bunker lesson with a woeful record of about 1 passable sand shot every 5. Over the next few weeks I got it up to 3 every 5 on average, using the simple changes he encouraged, and now it’s closer to 4.  I’ll be back for another lesson or 2 at some point this year, probably with my mid/long iron play on the couch. Cross fingers he’ll be able to work the same magic.


In theory I’m a 14 handicapper but in practice, over the past couple of years, it’s invariably been much higher than that, to the point where my enjoyment of the game was rapidly diminishing.

I’ve known Paul since his days at Hainsworth Park and finally made the effort about a year ago to arrange a lesson. It was a very good move; it would have been easy for him to have pointed out everything I was doing wrong but he preferred to be positive about the parts of my game that weren’t too bad and to encourage me to build on those.

‘Realistic goals’ is a topic we discussed at some length, as was ‘letting go of the bad shots’, and he has steadily improved my game and hence my confidence and enjoyment.

I like Paul’s relaxed and patient style of teaching, I’ve made clear progress already and I’m sure that will continue during my future lessons with him.    


Hi Paul at last getting down to writing to thank you for the best chipping lesson ever.

Before your lesson I just had no confidence chipping but I practised hard at what you taught me and instead of practising faults I practised the correct way you taught me, and the video was especially helpful I just never realised how bad I was.

Since the lesson I have won a couple of things and it is all up to you as they say not how you drive it’s how you arrive, and with that in mind, I think I should have your help with my driving!! You are the best.

Jennifer Guidry

The half-hour lesson on my short game has been a great success, you certainly identified my short comings, thank you, much improved hopefully to see my handicap come down, signs looking good.

Malcolm Hester

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