Summer 2020 Knock Out Competitions

How to enter: Enter via the ClubV1 app or hub using the following process;

  • Open the V1 app or hub, then click on the 3 bars menu.
  • Select ‘Knockouts’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the event(s) you wish to enter then click view details, which tells you about the competition criteria.
  • Enter the competition(s)

Entry method if you cannot do so via the app: Place a sealed envelope, with your details & event(s) and entry fee(s) for the KO(s) you wish to enter and placed in the office letterbox.

Please ensure you are eligible for the knockout you are entering eg Deans Putter is a mixed event only. If you are unable to enter via the ClubV1 app see the alternative method (below)
Entry fee & method of payment: £5 per player per event and £10 per couple for each team event.
The following payment methods can be used:
• Contactless via the office (when open)
• You can pay by cash, but only by placing the correct entry fee in an envelope (with name and competition entered) and placed in the office letterbox

Closing date for entries: June 14th June. The draw for each KO will then be published on the ClubV1 app/hub, with the deadline shown for the completion of each round. It is the responsibility of both players/pairs to arrange the match.

The Knock Out events are as follows:

  1. Summer Singles (Mixed. White Tees Gents, Red Tees Ladies. Ladies add 1 shot to their handicap. Matchplay Knockout, full handicap difference).
  2. Rosebowl (Gents only. Scratch KO from the White Tees).
  3. Deans Putter (Mixed foursomes only. Gents white tees, Ladies red. Half the combined difference for handicap).
  4. Foursomes (Mixed Teams allowed. Handicap allowance – Handicaps will be half of the combined playing handicaps of the two players).
  5. Summer Pairs (Mixed teams allowed. Betterball Matchplay, 90% handicap difference off the lowest handicap of the 4)

Any issues please email me,

Good Luck,
Chris Elvidge,
Golf Ops