Captain’s Newsletter 28th August

Mainly because of the current restrictions, the traditional Captain’s Away Day for 2020 is now going to be held at our own club on Sunday, September 20th. It’s just another example of how we’ve all had to adjust, but still enjoy our golf during this extraordinary year.

But the good news is we can now make this ‘Home and Away’ Day a farewell Am-Am competition for Rich Pace, who’ll be entering a team on his final day at the club after a very successful 2.5 years at Beverley and East Riding Golf Club.

Rich has proved a great asset to the club on and off the course, making many new friends and adding his professional expertise to our club. Further details of the competition will be announced later, but Rich says he will definitely be staying behind for ‘a beer or two’. So it would be great to see as many members as possible join in the day and give Rich a rousing Beverley send-off!

While we’re sorry to be losing him to Hornsea, in such unfortunate circumstances personal to Rich. The timely and considered process to find Rich’s successor is well underway and members will be kept informed when any final decision is made.

As we enter Autumn, the Directors will also keep you updated on those wider club areas of business we are continuously reviewing, managing and developing for the benefit and interests of the club and our membership. We continue to seek every possible advantage in financial and club stability throughout this year.

As Captain, I can only say again how much I appreciate the invaluable work being put in by the club staff, but often unseen, the huge commitment by so many members in responding to requests of help to me personally, and the club collectively. Thank you.

Recently I have invited, met and played several games with new members who have commented on how welcome they have been made to feel at Beverley and the use of our V1 booking, payment and scoring technology. These are factors new members look for when joining any golf club and strengths that make our club so special in its continuous progress.

I have and continue to communicate and listen to our members on how the club and course can develop and improve in a structured way of working this year and ahead in 2021. All suggestions are carefully considered and taken forward where practical, affordable and with full involvement of the other Directors and President. I value those positive links and friendship with the membership, it ensures we all have a voice as members in aiming to see our golf club develop in an ever-competitive market place and overcoming unprecedented challenges this year. Enjoy your golf during September. Take care and stay safe.

Carl Sheppard,
Captain 2020