Competition Details June 6/7

Competitions this weekend (June 6/7th)

• Both competitions are Stableford AM-AM’s (2 scores to count) and are free to enter.
Teams can be made up of any combination of Ladies, Gents or Juniors with official handicaps. There is no handicap limit.

• Prizes (credit in your account) for the first 3 teams each day.

Scorecard guidance:
• Collect the card from the Gents/Ladies locker room.
• Only 1 team member must handle the card
• The card does NOT need countersigning by another player, but some form of verbal certification of the score should take place.
• Please return the card to the box which will be located outside the Club Secretary/Managers Office.

• Due to Covid19 regulations for safe golf there will be delay in the publication of results/prizes.
• Do not turn up more than 20 minutes prior to your tee time
• A maximum of 4 players on the practice green at once
• Keep a safe distance apart (2 metres) at all times

• Please walk to the first tee no more than 5 minutes before tee off. Keep to the 10 minute booking gap. Under the rules of golf the first player should tee off on the EXACT STARTING TIME AND NOT BEFORE. (Rule 5.3 a)

• Leave the flagstick in the hole at all times.
• As there are no rakes please smooth the bunkers with your feet or club as best as you can.
• Local rule in a bunker: Place within 6 inches no nearer the hole. Must remain within the bunker.
• After your round please depart promptly when you have submitted your card.