Captain’s Newsletter June 2020

As the Captain in 2020 it has been an unprecedented year so far as we now enter June. Storms Ciara and Dennis, followed by the serious Coronavirus crisis have presented challenges to us all in differing ways.

Our 2020 year Club membership, Directors, Club President, Golf Professional and Club Secretary have shown resilience patience and loyalty in the past 6 months. The work behind the scenes to ensure our club bounces back from the numerous unforeseen hurdles, has paid dividends already.

As soon as practicable, I promise I will reinstate some of my original plans, golf games and events for the benefit and enjoyment of the membership linked to my Captaincy year. I am planning such with Rich Pace, Shaun Leach and others to make sure we can make up for lost time in playing golf events and competitions associated to my role. We cannot make up time in all those events as you will appreciate, but let’s move forward now and enjoy our golf.

I will keep you updated of those plans which will rely heavily on how the national golf picture looks whilst under constant revision after lockdown.

What I do assure you of is my commitment as Captain this year to bounce back not only in golf club terms, but personal terms after a testing period for myself and us all.

So let’s please pull together and value our golf club, our unique golf course and friendship, by getting through these unprecedented times we are enduring, in both personal and golfing terms.

I look forward to rejoining the golf game with you and thank you for your commitment to sticking with the membership of our historic and great golf club.